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Learn all about the updates being delivered by the DPA One team.

February 5, 2024

A new way to search gives you a clear view of available programs

It’s easier to find and match program details when you can view search criteria and results in one place. Our redesigned search page makes this possible.

  • Search criteria and program results are now reflected on the same page to streamline reviewing time.
  • Improved search filter functionality to maximize results.
  • Expanded search criteria to identify the best programs more precisely for your client’s needs.
DPA One Search Programs page filters

February 5, 2024

Tables are now quicker to update

Here are a few ways the latest enhancements to tables are great for fast updates:

  • Program information can be configured in a variety of ways to better communicate program requirements to lenders.
  • Ability to copy/paste data from Microsoft Excel or .CSV files.
  • Functionality to edit cell data directly on table(s).
  • Ability to click and drag table headers based on your preference.
Make changes to table column properties, like location and first mortgage products, using the Configure button