DPA One for DPA program providers

Down payment assistance programs are different—​DPA One fits them all

DPA One is a free online resource to help DPA program providers reduce submission errors and program requirement questions from housing professionals by providing a standardized, central location to manage and share DPA program information.

Trusted by DPA providers nationwide
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Online DPA program management

Update and publish your DPA program information in real-time, giving housing professionals immediate visibility to your offerings.

Reduce application submission errors

Gain efficiency in your DPA program submissions through a standardized format and process.

24 x 7 Access

Ability to monitor your DPA programs at your convenience. Gain insight to other DPA programs to compare and ensure your competitive edge.

Empowering you to help more borrowers get into homes

Single platform

Manage, edit and publish your DPA programs in one centralized location

Improved submission experience

Standardized data entry allows for more efficient submissions and less questions from housing professionals

Insights-rich platform

Always know what is published, what is in progress, and when updates are ready to go live

Free for DPA Program Providers

Create and edit your programs whenever you want at no cost

Easy data management

Ability to extract, manage and export data through multiple channels

Export to other platforms

Data is ready for export so you can integrate your changes into other platforms and websites

Our goal is to reduce submission errors and program requirement questions

Explore how DPA One can help you manage your down payment assistance programs quickly and efficiently.

We partner with DPA providers

Powered by Freddie Mac, the DPA One provider network is growing to build a centralized resource to host municipal, local and state down payment assistance programs under one powerful platform. DPA One includes state-level HFA programs and we've added municipal and local programs in Texas, Minnesota, Virginia, Florida, Kentucky, California, Illinois, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Tennessee, Arizona, Ohio, Washington, Maryland, Michigan, and West Virginia with more states being added in the coming months.

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Joining the provider network

Joining is easy. Follow these simple steps to start managing your own programs on DPA One.

Join today

Register to join DPA provider network

If you’re an authorized signatory and can act on behalf of your organization, you may join the provider network and create accounts for yourself as well as others within your organization.

If you’re not an authorized signatory, please invite the individual(s) to join the DPA One platform and create the necessary account(s).

Set your password

When your organization is registered, you’ll receive two emails within 15 minutes of your account’s activation (check your spam if emails are not received).

Email #1: Will provide your new account username.

Email #2: Will provide your temporary password. NOTE: your temporary password will expire in 10 days from receipt so be sure to reset it immediately. You’ll be prompted to reset your password every 90 days.*

*Accounts that are inactive for 120 days are deactivated for security protection. If you need assistance, please contact us.

Frequently asked questions

DPA One is a free online platform that helps loan officers and other housing professionals quickly find, understand and match down payment assistance (DPA) programs for borrowers. DPA One also helps DPA program providers reduce submission errors and program requirement questions by providing a standardized, central location to manage and share DPA program information.

Yes, registration for DPA One is free for all users.

If you would like to join DPA One as a provider, simply complete the registration form. You can reset your password with following specifications:

  • Uppercase letter (A - Z)
  • Lowercase letter (a - z)
  • Digit (0 - 9)
  • Alphanumeric (Special) character where platform permits
  • No more than three repeated characters
  • No more than three consecutive characters in common with the account name the logon is for
  • When changing your password, use at least three new characters not used in the previous password

You will also need to answer 5 security questions to complete your access request.

If you’re a new user, this is typically due to your temporary password expiring. When you register, you’ll receive two emails, one with your new account username, and one with a temporary password. Check your spam if you don’t receive it within 15 minutes. It’s important that you reset your temporary password because it will expire after 10 days. If you’re a returning user, this is typically due to your account being deactivated. Accounts that have not logged in for 120 days (four months) are deactivated for security reasons. If your temporary password or account has expired, or if you need any additional support, please contact us.

Partnership has its advantages, why not join the network today?

  • Join a growing provider network
  • Edit your own program details to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date
  • Add and edit programs at your convenience